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Ordinary catalog:
  • Only displays your products.
  • Order taking in personal communication with the client is a complex and tiresome procedure.
  • Changes in prices or product range force you to publish the catalog again.
  • No prices, or base prices are shown, with no individual discounts.
  • Three documents needed to make an order: a catalog, a price list, and an order form.
  • Customers send orders in different formats, which means manual processing is required.
  • Designing and launching a portal for wholesalers takes a lot of time and money.
  • 1 Interactive
  • 2 Profitable
  • 3 Cost-saving
  • 4 Relevant
  • 5 Automated
  • 6 Standard
  • 7 Simple
  • Not only displays, but also sells your products. The client can place an order right from the catalog pages.
  • The customer orders right from the catalog, while viewing. Order volume increases by 20%; orders sent to the office instantly for processing.
  • No need to publish the catalog repeatedly. You can adjust the prices with just a few clicks. You can also add pages for new products or remove discontinued items easily.
  • Prices shown next to the products. Always exact pricing, including discounts. The supplier can assign a personal discount to every customer.
  • Merge all three documents into one. Fully avoid technical errors. Reduce the time it takes the customer to make the order and the seller to process it.
  • Put all orders in the same format. Now you can load them into your accounting system automatically.
  • With you can build your own portal for wholesalers in a matter of days. No money wasted on purchasing a license, designing the site, uploading the contents and providing technical support.