- How do I upload a catalog?
- What I can do if I haven't PDF catalog yet?
If you haven't PDF catalogue yet, you can solve this problem by different ways.

1. If you have any descriptions of your goods or services prepared in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel you can readily create PDF file. Just use the function "Save As" and choose "PDF". After saving you will be able to upload it to Livecatalog.com

2. If you have only separate pages with photos you can do following:
- Find approprate image in PDF format to use it as a cover of your future catalogue. Upload it to Livecatalog.com. Find your new catalogue in the list of "My Catalogs".
Select it by putting a tick in the left column and click red button "Edit" in menu bar above.

You will be redirected into an internal editor. Use icon "insert page" to add new page.

Choose your picture or photo to add to the catalogue. You can add new pages in such popular formats as .jpg or .png. After insert the page you will be able to add a text onto it.
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- What is the difference between open catalogs and limited catalogs?
"Open" catalogues provide a possibility any user to look through a catalogue, to see prices and buy goods. This status of a catalogue is appropriate to create online store.

In case of "limited" catalogues only users approved by the owner of catalogue has a right to see prices and place orders. Users who have no owner's permission are able to only look through catalogues.
Please, pay attention, that despite of these restrictions, "limited" catalogues stay visible for any users.
This status of a catalogue is recommended for manufacturing or distribution companies. The "limited" status allows from one hand to ensure privacy of sales policy, but from other hand to have a catalogue accessible for new potential clients.

"Restricted" catalogues are completely hidden from any users except users who have a personal permission given them by owner of a catalogue.
This status is recommended for companies with close distribution system where new participants might be added only at the initiative of the owner of a catalog.
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